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 DMC is glad to offer patients and families opportunity for home service by members of our phlebotomy and laboratory specimen collection staff, as well as for home medical physician and nursing care. Such need and requests present a special challenge - not only to patients and families, but also to DMC and its medical professionals.

For that reason, the DMC Administration is providing below important general guidelines that are essential to consistently provide quality and satisfaction.

To serve you optimally, DMC must ensure we start with a clearly reciprocated understanding of the following:


You can request a phlebotomist to come to your home to collect routine blood and other laboratory specimens by calling DMC at 05-603-603.

A trained practical nurse or phlebotomist will deliver such home service. Our DMC Mobile Service Car will come to your home, and is equipped with proper cooling precautions and refrigeration.

There is a service fee for this effort, which requires two of our staff members to leave DMC. The amount is based on distance and time away from DMC. Special promotional discount offers may not apply. Please call for details and clarification.


To serve you optimally, DMC must ensure we start with a clearly reciprocated understanding of the following:

A. If and when DMC agrees to provide any degree or form of medical or nursing assistance to a patient at their home, 

1.           DMC knows that patients, public and authorities will expect DMC to:

a. Maintain a degree of oversight and responsibility over the patient’s medical condition and progress

b. Report, document and assess the patient’s progress – which may often enough be a deterioration of the condition

c. Communicate and coordinate - directly or indirectly through the patient or family - plans of care or action with the institution or private physicians of record at other institutions

d. Initiate, coordinate, amend and execute home care plans and/or transfer coordination

e. Be responsible for the performance of its team and therefore accountable for any accidents, injuries or perceptions or allegations

2.           DMC will be operating in suboptimal settings with less resources than:

a. What is available at a medical facility

b. What the patient requires – but with patient-related constraints that restrict access to resources or prompt intervention

B. For these reasons, DMC requires the following before agreeing to provide and providing Home Care for a patient:

1. A Medical Record Review

2. A Home Visit to evaluate patient & medical record

3. A written and signed official request issued by every one of the Physicians in charge of the patient for the primary and active medical conditions the patient is suffering from

4. A signed “Informed Consent” completed and signed by the patient and family next of kin or legal guardian

5. Periodic "Home Follow-up Visits" to evaluate the progress of the patient

C. DMC cannot guarantee consistent 24/7 availability of nursing staff or physicians to come upon any request to the patient’s residence. The assistance we provide is based on availability of medical providers needed. Families remain responsible for transferring patients to DMC or to another facility in case there is concern about acute problems or any deterioration or pressing questions they may have. 

D. DMC reserves the right to discontinue its home service at anytime for any reason or due to any concern - and to request calling an ambulance if and when DMC deems it is necessary to do so – even if the patient or family insist on DMC providing service at home.

E. Pricing Structure:

1. Physician Home Visit to Evaluate Patient & Medical Record: 125$

2. Home Nursing Care:

  • 10$ per hour - Minimum 4 hours for every visit
  • 200$ per day

3. Follow-up Physician Home Visits: 75$

E. Questions or Concerns:

Call 05-603-603 to discuss this with our “DMC Administrator” [On-Duty or On-Call]

At DMC, we care and we want to assist you with regard to Home Care. However, as we just explained, we believe this is a delicate matter and we shall approach such requests with all the precautions and rigorous attention needed to provide safe and optimal patient care.