Latest News
  • Early Breast Cancer Detection: Promotion Mammography or Breast Ultrasound at 45,000 LL or both at 80,000 LL. Call 05-603-603 for appointments.
  • Picture Your Baby Before Birth! 4-Dimensional Echo / Ultrasound at Damour Medical Center. Promotional Offer 125$ - Valid till the end of 2014. Call 05-603-603 for appointment.
  • "Food Detective" testing available. A food intolerance test performed in our dietitian clinic that will help you have a totally personalized diet. Call 05-603-603 for an appointment.



Specialty Clinics

Our team of specialists is commited to the healthcare of our patients.   Specialties included:

  • Cardiology,

  • Dermatology,

  • Endocrinology,

  • Family Medicine,

  • Gastroenterology,

  • Infectious disease,

  • Nephrology,

  • Neurology,

  • Obstetrics& Gynecology,

  • Otolaryngology (ENT),

  • Orthopedics,

  • Pediatrics & Neonatology,

  • Pulmonary and Critical Care,

  • Rheumatology,

  • General Surgery,

  • Urology,

  • Nutritionist/Dietitians,

  • Physical Therapy

Clinics are opened 8am to 6pm. Please call 05 603603/ 05 600969 to be updated on the schedule of our doctors or contact us through the "Request of appointment" section of this website. We will do our best to provide excelent quality care and services.