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Why DMC?

We could respond and in one sentence say that Damour Medical Center (DMC) was established to serve all our communities in the Chouf, the Shahhar & Aley Western region.

However, there is more to it…


Why DMC and Why Now?

We did this because we chose to live here, because my wife and I are both board-certified emergency medicine physician specialists and because we know quite how tough it is to provide any proper emergency, urgent, quality and specialized care to our families, communities, and friends living in or passing through Damour and the Western Chouf/Aley.

As you know, the entire medical infrastructure in the Western Chouf & Aley region was ravaged during the 1975-1990 civil war. Additional unfortunate reasons crept it deprived and undeveloped throughout the 1990-2010 reconstruction period.

We did this because we simply care... and because we believe that those who know have the obligation to act…


Damour Medical Center (DMC) is based in the middle of Damour, on the main avenue Saida-Beirut, and conveniently located in direct proximity to the freeway. It is surrounded by a diverse set of communities, by schools, universities, industries, factories, beaches and agricultural enterprises. 

DMC is a “Free-Standing Urgent Care and Ambulatory Diagnostic Center”. It is not a simple typical "center." 

It is more than just a Laboratory, a Radiology Center or a polyclinic.  

DMC is also not a dispensary. 


DMC has an acute “Urgent Care” capacity, including direct access to board-certified emergency medicine specialists, and to more than 25 specialists, who promptly respond to support or staff our urgent care facility. 

We have a diagnostic acute care facility and can provide observation for extended hours and a significant resuscitative capacity (including oxygen, suction, defibrillators, airway and cardiopulmonary emergency management equipment, supplies and capacity).


Over the last 18 months, we served more than 5,000 patients from our region, most of them from or residents of Damour, Mechref, Hara/Naameh, Jiyeh, Debbieh, Be3warta & el-Shohhar, Doha, Jadra, Burjayn, Ayn-el-Hawr, el-Mnassef, Beiteldine, Dayr-el-Qamar & its Wadaya, KfarQatra, the upper Chouf, and last but least the Iklim, Saida and Rmayleh.

Last but not least, DMC is the only medical facility built to gradually address the medical access challenges of our community - with a clear 7-year plan to develop the local medical infrastructure & a quality medical center that is vital for its sustainable growth & development.

Until then, we remain committed not only to provide excellent standard of care, but also to “qualified transfer coordination” of the 20-30% of patients who need inpatient admission to the hospitals of their choice.

Such “directed transfer & transport” will be facilitated through the ambulance which we donated in 2012 to the newly established Red Cross regional branch in Damour. We also provided them Automated Defibrillators, stretchers and training.


At DMC, we are confident that you will be impressed by the medical care, the medical staff, personal and service.

We hope you will visit and take a look or try using our DMC services.


"Ces personnes qui ont le privilège de savoir ont the devoir d'agir"          Albert Einstein