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  • Early Breast Cancer Detection: Promotion Mammography or Breast Ultrasound at 45,000 LL or both at 80,000 LL. Call 05-603-603 for appointments.
  • Picture Your Baby Before Birth! 4-Dimensional Echo / Ultrasound at Damour Medical Center. Promotional Offer 125$ - Valid till the end of 2014. Call 05-603-603 for appointment.
  • "Food Detective" testing available. A food intolerance test performed in our dietitian clinic that will help you have a totally personalized diet. Call 05-603-603 for an appointment.



Dispensaries, Community Service & DMC

DMC provides heavy discounts on laboratory, radiologic, and diagnotic studies to patients who are referred to us by qualified dispensaries.

By agreement, DMC can also provide consultant specialists and urgent care management to these patients.

To receive such discounts, dispensary patients should present a valid and detailed referral form at the time of service.

Dispensaries and charity groups interested in establishing such a relationship and agreement with DMC can call 05-603-603 and speak to our Chief Executive Officer. You can also email us at 

Current Agreements for "Dispensary Rates" have been established with:

1. Naameh Social Affairs Ministry Dispensary

2. International Medical Corps (IMC)

3. Caritas Damour

4. Damour Municipality

5. Damour Mar Yussef Dispensary


DMC Is Not a Dispensary:

DMC is not a dispensary. It is an acute care facility with a considerably different level of services, capacity, complexity, and overhead - a level that you certainly cannot find in ANY dispensary, polyclinic or private clinic across Lebanon or the region.

Our public service record and our contribution to our community speak for themselves. As a matter of fact, this has been and remains an integral part of our daily routine.

Future Direction:

DMC will be establishing a Dispensary to provide primary and affordable care as well as access to free or discounted medications to our community. This will be located in the Ground Floor of our facility.